Thursday 13~ 7th Edition!

13 Of The Stupidest Things I've Done (some serious, some just dumb)

1. Fallen down on a treadmill and ripped 2 layers of skin off my legs. (o ouch!)

2. Burned myself with oil cooking pork chops.

3. Called a customer Mr. when its a girl, or Ms. when its a guy. (happens too many times!)

4. Cut myself. (not the accidental kind)

5. Told people I love things that hurt.

6. Say curse words in front of my mother under my breath. (God help me!)

7. Fallen up the stairs.

8. Taken prescription drugs when not needed to "numb" life's pain.

9. Eaten missions training food. aka...food that is made to be horrible that you have to eat! (not my choice I was forced.)

10. Gotten a 20% score on a math test. (I'm horrible at math!)

11. When I was 7, I kissed a boy so he would let me play on his playset in his backyard.

12. Walked away from God for about 5 months.

13. Held a grudge. They destroy you, its easier to forgive and move on.

What are some of the stupid things you have done? Or can you relate to any of mine?