This weekend at the Desperation Conference I heard a man named Tom Davis speak, I got his new novel, "Scared", because I have read his other books and loved them. This was on saturday. I just finished reading the book and I am crying uncontrolably...not just crying, like the kind where its hard to breathe and it just doesn't stop. My heart literally feels pain, like it was being ripped in several places. And now I cant sleep. In this story, there is an american photo journalist who goes to Africa on an assignment to capture photos and a story to redeem his career. There is also a young girl named Adanna, she is orphaned anonly 12 years old left to parent her 2 younger siblings. She suffers horrendous abuse and situations that are so foreign to americans. This little girl is my new hero. I think the reason it is so deeply disturbing to the reader is that the story is very close to the facts of a young girls life, and there are so many children that have similar stories. Of starving and going days, weeks without food. Of abuse and being raped. Of being orphaned by their parents who either left and or died of AIDS. Being infected themselves. Or being completel vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. I found myself weeping as I read her story. Injustice. That is the word I would use to describe her life and what she endured. But along with the injustice...you also see the redemptive power of God. His love and grace for us. And His hope that He gives to us. This story has moved me so incredibly deeply and touched corners and places in my heart that I didnt even know existed. I found myself in Africa everytime I picked up the book, it was so real. I saw the kids, the scenery, the horror and the hope. I found myself on a roller coaster of emotions. Sadness, laughter, anger, fire, depression, hopeless, helpless, deeply grieved...but more than anything I am stired to step out of that comfortable american buble that so many of us live in. Im so sick of it. When is the church going to rise up and be the church?? To be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world. We need to stop ignoring this reality and go do something. I told my friend Edith....we are going to Uganda next summer to work in an orphan home and help the natives. We are going to try and make it a trip for our whole youth group to go on. I am going to get my sunday school kids to raise money to give to the author's organization to help feed the starving people. It is .14 cents for one meal...we could help feed a lo of people if we try. We have to do something. We are crying out for a move of God and for Him to do something about it while He is up in heaven crying for a move of man and for us to go and DO something. So why not? Like one of my girls said when I told her about the food idea, "Lets rock!"