Funny Story!

(((background info: my sister was a sunday school teacher and when we went to florida she had to teach this lesson about a missionary man. my other sister and I saw the picture and we both agreed that he is drop dead gorgeous...even though he is animated.)))

So last night at _Tag, it was such good times! It was amazing worship with Jared Anderson and Pastor Brent preached a great sermon and was being such a nerd. Anywho, I went upstairs afterwards with my friend Mariah to go see our friend Aly at the visitors reception. We were just standing there and I was like, "Hey Mariah, want to see a really hott guy?" She was like, "Heck yes I do!" So I pull out my journal and open it up to the page with the picture of the missionary I have pasted in it and was like, "There he is." We both laughing histarically, but we agree that he is super hott. Then Aly looks over with that look of 'What the heck is wrong with my girls?!' Anyway, that look on her face and her comment was priceless... "I don't know if I want you two hanging around eachother, it could be hazardous to my health." Yeah, and Mariah was like, "Or your butt." Hahahahahahaha. Oh my gosh, it was sooo funny, I am still cracking up everytime it comes to mind. I love my girls!


My Top 10 Favorite Jon Egan Songs...

I love the worship team at my church o so very much! Jon is the worship leader at the high school group, _Tag, and it is my personal belief that his songwriting skills are superior to the other members of the Desperation Band. So here are some of my all time favorite songs of his':

10.Endlessly (Album: Who You Are, My Savior Lives)
9. I'll Be O.K. (Album: From The Rooftops)
8. Holy Is The Lord (not on an album!)
7. Light Of Salvation (Album: Everyone Overcome)
6. Here In Your Presence (Album: My Savior Lives)
5. I Will Go (Album: Everyone Overcome)
4. My Savior Lives (ALbum: My Savior Lives)
3. Greater (Album: Counting On God)
2. I Am Free (Album: From The Rooftops, I Am Free)
1. Overcome! (album: Everyone Overcome)


Friday Fill-ins #60

1. SPENDING TIME WITH PEOPLE is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good CUP OF HOT COCOA, BLANKEY AND GOOD MOVIE when I'm cold.
4. I'm reading "THE BARBARIAN WAY" right now; I AM THOROGHLY ENJOYING it.
5. OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS is something I dislike talking about.
6. When I visited CHURCH I most looked forward to seeing ALY .
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to NEW LIFE CD RECORDING AND SLEEP, tomorrow my plans include HIKING AND A SPANISH WOPRSHIP CD RECORDING and Sunday, I want to GO TO CHURCH, THEN GO TO TRIBE MEETING AT CHIPOTLE!

Night Of Worship...

So tonight at my church, New Life Church, we recorded our 6th worship album, "Counting On God." It was absolutely incredible to see close to 9,000 people worshipping King Jesus in unison, as one voice. Anyway, one of the songs by Jon Egan that is called "Greater" really spoke to me. The first part goes:

"Find rest my soul, confess you're weary. Surrender all, embrace your healing."

God was just talking to me about how so many times in our human weakness we try to play everything off as being okay, and we are not willing to admit our weakness and inability to do this life on our own. We cannot go through life trying to succeed on our own, and act as if we are all-powerful and need no help from anybody. We need God more than I can begin to say. We need God to be strength in our weakness. Whenever you are discouraged or faint of heart, turn to God and let Him begin His work in you. The next part of the song says: "I will cast my cares. For You have always cared." Cast every care and concern you have onto the cross of Jesus Christ and His love and power and you will find the strength that you need to make it through. Trust me, I know, when you try to do life alone...you will fail miserably.

"You are greater.
Greater than the fight, that rages for my life.
I have found me rest is in,
You are brighter
Breaking through the night, lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You.

His yolk is easy, His burden is light.
I have decided, I'm gonna fix my eyes.
On the perfector, the author of my faith,
Jesus Christ."

Tag. You're It!

I was tagged by my sister, Mel. I don't know anyone else with blogs, so it you are reading this... then TAG, You're it!

The Rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people.

One of the books I'm reading now is "The Barbarian Way" by Erwin Raphael McManus.

"It may seem counterintuitive, but the more civilized we seem to become, the more detatched from the pain of others we end up finding ourselves. The most civilized churches have really no practical concern for people outside of their congregations. The brokenness of a lost and unbelieving world is not enough to inspire the painful changes necessary to make the church relevant to the world in which we live."


Prayer for the Sterns!

I once again write asking you to pray for Aaron and Josie Stern. They were expecting a little girl, but Baby Bergen passed away on wednesday morning. Please continue to pray for the Sterns as they go through is horrible tragedy and loss. Thank you so very much.


Misión de mi iglesia!

Adorar a Dios,
Alcanzar a otros,
Dicipularlos y
Enseñarles a hacer lo mísmo.


My Story of Overcoming...

This is kinda long, but bear with me...

I was born on September 13, 1990 in Washington state. I moved to Colorado when I was 4 years old. On March 29, 1997, my father ran off in the middle of an affair with another woman- without saying a word. It hurt so bad because it was something we never expected- out of the blue you could say. I went on in life, continuing to live as a hurt little girl that was abandoned by her father. When I was in 8th grade, I went on a jv_tag retreat with my church called BE. I got freed from so much there and no longer cared what others thought of me, I would live for God passionately no matter what people said to me. I started going to the high school group at my church, (_TAG). And what can I say, it was so amazing and I loved it. My freshman year my english teacher invited me to be on her fencing team, so without really thinking, I accepted. One thing is that it was on wednesday nights, so I stopped going to _tag. I completely turned my back on God and the church.. everything that had to do with it. I started hanging out with the wrong type of people and let them influence me more than I ever should have. I started watching vulger movies and music, started talking like a sailor, and so much more. I disrespected my elders. I turned to prescription drugs for comfort, and was very much addicted. I said things about God and the people I love that still haunt me to this day. I had a night off, and thought, "Hey , I'll go to _tag, why not? See my old friends..." So I went and I really felt like I needed to go on the winter retreat, (ADORE), thought it would be fun. Little did I know... that it would be the most life changing thing I will have ever done. The saturday night service started out good, but I was having trouble connecting with God the way everyone else was. Pastor Brent talked about how sometimes we build up our own god, one that we can work with and contoure to our lifestyle. I have never been sooo convicted in my life. He called for people that had walked away and needed to get it straight with God. I reluctantly went up... and was pressed on by the voice of the Holy Spirit. I dedicated my life to God that night and have never been the same since. I live with passion, abandon, and full of life. I was delivered from my addiction and bitterness. Jesus had truely become my Saviour and best friend. I was radically changed. That summer I would find out that my father had cancer. I didn't really care, because I was still mad at him for all the pain he caused. I went on, continuing in the life of God. Then, on January 13, 2006... we got a call that said that it was bad and he could die at any time. We made a quick decision that we would drive down to San Antonio, Texas-- where he was living, the next day. I saw him and he poured his heart out to all of us, pleading for forgiveness. It was really good, and really good to have closure and see that he was actually different. Broken, humbled. Then, an April 6, 2006... my father died. It was harder than I ever expected it to be-- knowing that I never had a father there for me and never would. But, I have gotten over it... maybe. In the summer of 2006 I went on a missions trip to Ciudad Victoria, México, with _Tag. It was the most incredible experience I think I have ever had in my entire life. My life was forever changed when the Spirit of God showed up in a little palapa (hut), in México. It was the most power packed God encounted I've ever had. I heard the voice of God speak to me, impressing upon my heart,--"Daughter, this is where I have called you to be. This is your home, where you are needed. You will see thousands of lives changed." My heart beats for the lost and dying people of Mexico and Latin America. It is the very reason that I exist in this world. The love I feel for the Hispanic people is imense, and won't ever burn out. My spanish teacher/pastor/friend put it best. She told me, "Kasey, I think you were born American by mistake because you have a Latin Heart." I couldn't possibly agree with her more. I've got more Latin in me than American. Don't get me wrong, I love America-- but my heart is in other places. So now, I am a senior in high school, and living everyday sold out for God. I want to reach the nations with the message and love of Jesus Christ. This is my story of how God help me overcome. What's yours?

My heart burns!

Wow. I just want to say the I love Jesus with all I am and there is no one like Him, NOBODY! My heart just feels for light and happy because of Him. The gaze of my heart is set on heaven and I don't think it will ever be turned away. I love God and He is the only one for me. I have hope and a future because of the way He has redeemed me, and I adore Him!!!!!


My Legs Hurt!!! Ugh!

So today was a little bit insane. This morning I got up at 6:00 and headed off to climb the pikes peak incline. We were crunched for time so only made it halfway, then bailed out. Then I felt like doing some more hiking, so I called up my friend Becca and asked if she wanted to go. We were originally going to Cheyenne Canyon, but ended up going to...you guessed it...the pikes peak incline, and made it to the top. If you don't know, the incline is a mile long staircase almost straight up. Then its a four mile run down on Barr Trail.It is a huge workout for the lungs and legs. lets just say that my legs are going to hate me in the morning. I'm a special kind of crazy to do it twice in one day, but it was fun.


Things I love!

*above all else, JESUS CHRIST...He is my universe!
*warm days in the middle of february
*the sounds newborn babies make
*viente vanilla creme at Starbucks
*dancing in the rain
*new music
*the smell of new cars
*kisses from my nieces and "little hispanic sisters"
*hugs from my family and friends
*slapping my friend's butts
*the Furnace prayer meetings
*hiking the incline
*sunrises and sunsets
*walks on the beach
*reading a new book
*writing in my journal
*in-depth discussion with my best friend and small-group leader
*new school supplies
*learning new, big words
*salsa dancing
*being the only white member of my spanish church
*drawing, even though I suck at it
*singing like nobody is listening
*dancing with reckless abandon before the throne of God
*staying up late and watching movies
*a midnight bowl of cereal
*telling my second-greatest story of how God has transformed my life
*speaking spanish with people
*new clothes
*hot chocolate with marshmallows
*a fresh snow that has been untouched
*fresh cut roses
*yankee candles
*willow tree angels
* a really good laugh that makes your gut hurt
*running...when I actually feel like it
*getting all dressed up and feeling pretty
*being in The Thorn!
*talking about the good times of countless hours of Thorn rehearsals
*my sister's kids
*listening to new music
*cd recordings
*Pastor Brent's sermons, and the facial expressions and jokes he makes.
*David Perkin's passion for God
*screaming the lyrics to "Overcome" with my friends
*jamming out on my guitar
*crying on the shoulders of my best friends
*being prayed for and praying over people
*annual pumkin party in november
*seasonal tea parties
*desperation conferences
*landing after a flight and kissing the ground
*the little old Peruvian lady at church that gives me kisses
*calling my spanish pastor Jesus without the accent. Haha!
*when I dont get last place in video games
*throwing snowballs at unsuspecting victims
*when my brother talks like the guy on Shrek
*encouraging words
*reading intilectual books
*watching chick flicks that I've seen 100 times with my sisters
*my mentor/spanish teachor/pastor
*reading my old journals
*playing cards at small group
*_Tag retreats are the greatest!
*leading at Jv_Tag retreats
*sitting on the porch on summer nights while talking on the phone
*summer! it's my favorite!
*my cell phone!
*text messages!
*country music
*my sister's art

Prayer For The Stern's Baby!!!

Aaron and Jossie Stern are the pastors of the college ministry here at New Life Church called theMill. They are having a little girl in April. This past week, the doctors told them that the little girl will not make it. We are believing for a miracle. Please stand in prayer with theFurnace, New Life Church, and theMill as we ask God to touch their little girl. We're believing for her to live and to be completely healthy.


Ridicule From The People You Love.

Why is it that your family, the people that are supposed to love you the most and are supposed to encourage, press on, and hope the best for are the first ones to shoot down your dreams as quick as they can? Everytime I even try to mention my goals and what I want for my life... it is another life lesson from one of my siblings. "Don't have dreams or goals, cause life never turns out the way you plan." "Don't plan on tomorrow, but take life as it comes today." "Life is disappointing, get used to it and move on." That's the biggest BS I've ever heard. When you live a life with no dreams and no goals, it is completely void of purpose... there's no reason for existance. God had given us passion and dreams for a reason, SO WE WILL FULFILL THEM! Arrrr, what is wrong with people? I feel like nobody supports me and I cannot wait to get out of this stupid house in 7 months! Thank God! I have dreams, and even if they are big and far off- I know that God is going to make a way for it to happen. He is faithful.