Night Of Worship...

So tonight at my church, New Life Church, we recorded our 6th worship album, "Counting On God." It was absolutely incredible to see close to 9,000 people worshipping King Jesus in unison, as one voice. Anyway, one of the songs by Jon Egan that is called "Greater" really spoke to me. The first part goes:

"Find rest my soul, confess you're weary. Surrender all, embrace your healing."

God was just talking to me about how so many times in our human weakness we try to play everything off as being okay, and we are not willing to admit our weakness and inability to do this life on our own. We cannot go through life trying to succeed on our own, and act as if we are all-powerful and need no help from anybody. We need God more than I can begin to say. We need God to be strength in our weakness. Whenever you are discouraged or faint of heart, turn to God and let Him begin His work in you. The next part of the song says: "I will cast my cares. For You have always cared." Cast every care and concern you have onto the cross of Jesus Christ and His love and power and you will find the strength that you need to make it through. Trust me, I know, when you try to do life alone...you will fail miserably.

"You are greater.
Greater than the fight, that rages for my life.
I have found me rest is in,
You are brighter
Breaking through the night, lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You.

His yolk is easy, His burden is light.
I have decided, I'm gonna fix my eyes.
On the perfector, the author of my faith,
Jesus Christ."


MondaythroughSunday said...

Sounds like you had a great time! We will have to buy the CD when it comes out! Love you!

Patrick said...

Do you remember the quote that Ross had? It was a line in that new song, but I can't remember what it was! I told myself to write it down when I got home, but it slipped my mind! AAH!