Funny Story!

(((background info: my sister was a sunday school teacher and when we went to florida she had to teach this lesson about a missionary man. my other sister and I saw the picture and we both agreed that he is drop dead gorgeous...even though he is animated.)))

So last night at _Tag, it was such good times! It was amazing worship with Jared Anderson and Pastor Brent preached a great sermon and was being such a nerd. Anywho, I went upstairs afterwards with my friend Mariah to go see our friend Aly at the visitors reception. We were just standing there and I was like, "Hey Mariah, want to see a really hott guy?" She was like, "Heck yes I do!" So I pull out my journal and open it up to the page with the picture of the missionary I have pasted in it and was like, "There he is." We both laughing histarically, but we agree that he is super hott. Then Aly looks over with that look of 'What the heck is wrong with my girls?!' Anyway, that look on her face and her comment was priceless... "I don't know if I want you two hanging around eachother, it could be hazardous to my health." Yeah, and Mariah was like, "Or your butt." Hahahahahahaha. Oh my gosh, it was sooo funny, I am still cracking up everytime it comes to mind. I love my girls!