Feed the Children

Dear Friends,

I write this with a broken heart. I talked to my friend, Nelson, who runs an organization called Save The AIDS Orphans in Uganda, Africa. He runs a orphan home called Agape Childrens Home. There are 67 precious children staying there. They have completely run out of food and funds for food. No firewood. They have nothing. These children have stolen my heart and I want to take care of them. But, with my unemployed status, I cannot send the money. I will send a very small amount which will get them food for 2 days, but it is not enough. James 1:27 commands us to take care of the widow and the orphan. WE here in america have the resources and its as simple as sending money. Could you find it in your heart to give, if only just a little bit? Anything can help. They need food for the precious children. If you can and are willing, I will give you the info on how you can help by sending money via Western Union. Please pray for my friend and the orphans. Please help. They need it...soon.

Love and Partering in Christ to fulfill James 1:27,


Thursday 13 ~ 1st Edition.

I'm back in to the blogging world. :) Here's my first thirteen.

13 Things About Me (since Im new..so you can get to know me)

1. I'm a total dork. Yes, thats right. I love to be loud and do wierd things and I dont care what people think or say. I just love to have fun. :)

2. I am Bilingual. :) I speak spanish and english. Spanish is the love of my life. I learned it in high school, it is God's gift to me, and my talent. I go to a spanish church where I am one of about 5 white people there. I LOVE it. :) they're my family in the truest sense of the word.

3. I'm a writer. :) i love to write. and im good at it. My high school english teacher told me I am one of the best writer's he has had in his 18 years at the school. I write too much, i think. :) i carry my journal with me everywhere I go.

4. I am a texting fiend. Yes. :) i love being connected with the world and all my friends. an average month is usually about 6,000 texts.

5. I am madly in love with my Bridegroom. :) He is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. He tells me I'm beautiful. He tells me He loves me. He brings me flowers. He shows me the most beautiful things there are. He whispers sweet little somethings into my ears. He holds my hand, and wraps me in His arms. :) He is the most beautiful thing to see and hear. And, His precious Name is Jesus Christ. :)

6. I am addicted to chocolate. Yep. :) its delicious. My motto is theres nothing that God and a little chocolate cant fix. Teehee.

7. I am pretty much always listening to music. I LOVE music. :) it just makes me feel good. I recently deleted all the secular music from my zune and now all I listen to are worship songs. :) im finding that im really not missing out on anything. I just want to be comsumed by Jesus.

8. I'm a colorado girl to the core. :) I love all things outdoors. I love to hike the most difficult and crazy trail we have on our beautiful mountains. I love camping even though I dont go much. I love off-roading! Its the greatest!! Except, sad fact....I have lived here almost my whole life and have never been skiing or snowboarding. haha. :(

9. I love to read. I am pretty much always in the middle of a book, probably more than one at the same time. I just love learning, and gaining knowledge from what people write. :)

10. I have always been kind of a tomboy. :) ive never really been the super girly type...ever. Ive always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Never wear skirts or dresses, well...rarely. I like to get dirty, I'm not all into my looks like a lot of girls are. I have always made better friends with the boys than I have with other girls.

11. I love the HEAT!! :) I really hate being cold. Its miserable. I would rather be miserably hot that miserably cold. Like my sister and I went to florida a month ago and the day we went to Disney was the hottest day we were there. Yes, it was hot. It was miserably. I sweated buckets....but I enjoyed every minute of it. :) i love hot.

12. God has set me free from a whole load of junk. :) you name it, ive been there. Self-Injury, Bulimia, Self Starvation, Depression, Drug Addiction, Suicidal-ness. Yep...ive been in all of it. And Jesus set me free from ALL of it. :) im the most free ive ever been!!!

13. My heart is completely and 100% broken and for orphans. :) i feel like there is a huge and special mandate on my life to take care of orphans. I want to see them fulfill their God given destinies. Thee are 143 Million orphans in our world. God has called me to take care of them and be His hands and feet that rescue them. My life mission is James 1:27.



This weekend, I witnessed a miracle. Here's the story...a little over a month ago the high school group at my church started a mission called Heartwork: Uganda. The challenge was to raise 60,000 dollars and anything up to that amount would be matched by an incredible man named Kirby. He told us the we were the army God had told him about 25 years ago. 8 weeks later..._Tag had raised $67,o000 dollars and 4 orphan homes have been built and many many lives rescued. It was so amazing to see the students I love giving sacrificially, and a group of high school and junior high kids raised that much money on their own. Incredible. Well, this weekend at the Desperation Conference, Pastor Brent showed a video of the story and talked about it at the end of his sermon. He challenged the students to ask God what He wanted them to give and get ready to give that night to build another orphan home. The goal was $15,000 dollars, and Kirby was going to match the other 15 since it costs $30,000 to build a home. (he did this at the June conference where in a spontaneous offering, no planning, we raised 16 thousand and one home would be built.) Well it came time for the offering and we sang a song called Light Up The World, masses of people poured to the front of the auditorium to give their offering to God. This was true worship. At the end of the night, David Perkins came up and announced the result of the offering. In the course of about 15 minutes, 4,000 high school, college and junior high kids gave $44,000 dollars. Yes, I said FOURTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! The next day another person gave $1,000, so plus the $15,000 from Kirby...we are going to be able to fund not just one, but 2 orphan homes in uganda!!! It was truely a miracle. In one night, to raise that amount of support...it was a God thing. It was incredible to see so many students give of themselves to pour into the lives of children on the other side of the world. It was the most selfless thing I have ever witnessed. Even in my own life, I had just gotten paid to water plants of a friend who was is out of town, and God challenged me to give it all. It was a work God did in my heart, and I now have to trust Him even more to provide all that I need until I find a job. You should have seen the celebration that rose up in that place!! Everyone started freaking out, and dancing, and jumping around, and screaming at the top of their lungs, many of us were just weeping out of joy. It was power in its fullest. Kids would be rescued from the injustice of being an orphan. From starvation, unclean water, homelessness, and being forced into sex slavery. The will be rescued!! And last night (saturday), Kirby came up and said that while he was in Uganda 25 years ago holding a 3 year old girl tht had been raped, God spoke to him and said "I am raising up intercessors. In the future, you will see armies of intercessors and justice seekers rise up." Then, he said that while he was in Uganda last week, God gave him 2 questions to ask the Desperation tribe. 1. If he could get it approved and cleared with the authorities, would we get 1,000 youth groups to build at least one orphan home? and 2. Will you get the attention of the nation and the world with your selflessness and turn their eyes to God? IF we answered them right, which definitely happened...God said to Him right there, "Through these people I am going to rescue 143 Million Destinies." There are 143 Million Orphans in the world...and God is getting ready for a movement to rescue them!! IT was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. God is incredible. Lets stand up and be the hands and feet of Jesus, let the church be the church. Let's rock!!