Ridicule From The People You Love.

Why is it that your family, the people that are supposed to love you the most and are supposed to encourage, press on, and hope the best for are the first ones to shoot down your dreams as quick as they can? Everytime I even try to mention my goals and what I want for my life... it is another life lesson from one of my siblings. "Don't have dreams or goals, cause life never turns out the way you plan." "Don't plan on tomorrow, but take life as it comes today." "Life is disappointing, get used to it and move on." That's the biggest BS I've ever heard. When you live a life with no dreams and no goals, it is completely void of purpose... there's no reason for existance. God had given us passion and dreams for a reason, SO WE WILL FULFILL THEM! Arrrr, what is wrong with people? I feel like nobody supports me and I cannot wait to get out of this stupid house in 7 months! Thank God! I have dreams, and even if they are big and far off- I know that God is going to make a way for it to happen. He is faithful.


MondaythroughSunday said...

I am sorry you feel this way! Do know that I love you very much!