Undeserved Mercy :)

Last night as I was rushing around town trying to find a place that had a western union that was open, I found myself panicking as I saw red and blue lights flashing in my rearview mirrow. My heart was pounding. I was breathing short. I was shaking. And getting red spots all over my face, neck and chest. I was completely terrified. I pulled over and rolled down the window. "Can you tell me why I pulled you over tonight?" I honestly couldnt think of what I had done wrong, so I sheepishly said, "Was I speeding?" The officer said, "No, your lights aren't on." I thought to myself "O CRAP!!!!" I was in such a hurry that I forgot about my lights. "Have you been drinking tonight?" ..."No sir, I have not been drinking." I proceeded to tell him how I was running around trying to send some money for an orphanage I sponsor in Africa. My voice was shaky and weak. He asked for my license, insurance and registration. I gave it to him. He said "Okay young lady, I'm not going to write you a ticket tonight. I just have to put your information in the system and I will give you a warning." I lost it. I started crying hysterically. I said audibly and loudly "THANK YOU JESUS!!!" I was praying and asking God for help, and I got it. :) It reminded me of how God has given us a second chance at life. And many second chances, everytime we fail...He gives us a new chance. I was given mercy that I clearly did not deserve, the cop had every right to write me a ticket, but he chose to simply write me a warning and give me a second chance. Thats how God works in us. Through Jesus, we get a second chance. Its like when we don't have Jesus, we are driving in the dark without the lights on...its dangerous and you cant see where you are going. But when Jesus enters, He turns on the lights and makes it clear the path you are to go, and gives you...a second chance. Mercy is not something we deserve, but through the blood of Christ we all have access to it. Hallelujah. Just like this officer of the law gave me a second chance, God will always be there with open arms offering to pick us up and give us another chance. :)