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Ok, So some people have requested that I translate my last post. This is such a beautiful song- I love it. It talks about how we can see God in the people we see everyday. In a sick person, in a widow, in a homeless person, and in that orphan on the street. These are the people on God's heart and where we can see His desperation.

Jesus Adrian Romero- Ayer Te Vi...Fue Mas Claro Que La Luna

Ayer Te Vi- (Yesterday I Saw YOU.)
Fue mas claro que la luna - (It was clearer than the moon)
En mi no quedaron dudas -(There was no doubt remaining in me)
Fue una clara aparicion -(I was a clear appearance)
Me ha saltado el corazon -(My heart jumped)
Cuando te vi -(When I saw You.)

Ayer te vi -(Yesterday I saw YOU.)
Despues de buscarte tanto -(After seeking You a lot)
Antes de salir el sol -(Before the sun rose)
Y pedirte que me dejes -(And ask You that You allow me)
Ver tu rostro en oracion -(To see Your face in prayer)

Ayer te vi -(Yeasterday I saw YOU)
Te vi en un niƱo de la calle -(I saw you in a child of the street)
Sin un lugar para dormir -(without a place to sleep)
Te vi en sus manos extendidas -(I saw You in his extended hands)
Pidiendo pan para vivir -(Begging for bread to give him life)
Te vi en sus ojos suplicantes -(I saw You in his pleading eyes)
Y en su sonrisa titubiante -(and in his smile)

Ayer te vi -(Yesterday I saw You)
Te vi en un cuarto de hospital -(I saw You in a hospital room)
En soledad te vi llorar -(In loneliness I saw You cry)
Te vi en el rostro tribulado -(I saw You in a troubled face)
De un enfermo desauciado -(Of a mistreated sick person)
Sin esperanza de vivir -(With no hope of living)
Cansado de tanto sufrir -(Tired of so much suffering)
Ayer te vi -(Yesterday I saw You.)


MondaythroughSunday said...

Thank you! Great song!

Kasey said...

Yeah, it's better in Spanish though. But then again... most things are!

MondaythroughSunday said...

If you say so!