Heartwork: Uganda

The high school group at my church is in the middle of an inredible project called Heartwork:Uganda. We have been offered by a man at world missions to raise up to $60,000 and he would match every cent. Well, what is this money for? It is to build 4 orphan homes in Uganda. Each home costs $30,000 to build. With this project, we are going to rescue countless children from the horrors of homelessness, disease, and child-traficking. We will rescue thousands of little kids like Adanna (see a few posts earlier.), and make an eternal impact on their lives and on the Kingdom of God. So far, in four weeks, _Tag has given of their heart and lives to raise $43,546.08 - that is amazing! Pray that God will continue to move on our hearts and for the kids and families that will be impacted by this project. That the Kingdom of Heaven, and the justice of the King would reign on this earth. =)