Thursday 13~ 6th Edition!

13 Standards For My Future Husband

1. First and foremost he must be a strong Christian. He must but God in the first place of his life, even above me, and must have a heart to seek after God and konw Him more. Worship is passionate and sold out. Prayer is fervent and full of faith. His love for God must be what defines him as a man.

2. He must have a full time call to missions and ministry, seeing as how my call is to be a full time missionary. Preferibly to the same country I am called to be in, Mexico. But the call and purpose for this job must be on him, and his heart needs to be for missions and spreasing the gospel of Jesus across the earth. He must support my goal to build a girls home in Mexico.

3. He has a love for kids. I want at least 3 of my own and maybe to adopt a couple. We need to see eye to eye when it comes to raising kids and discipline. He needs to be good with them, cause lets face it...some guys dont have a clue when it comes to kids.

4. He needs to respect me and love me and treat me like the love of his life. The Bible commands men to respect and love their wives like Christ loves the church, I completely expect this out of my husband. He doesnt have to be perfect, but this is a must. Love and Respect.

5. He needs to love and actually like my family and friends and being around them. I love my family and friends and they are of high importance in my life! My family is loud and we like to have fun and laugh together, my husband cant be afraid of this aspect of my life. He needs to be a part of my family, and I will be a part of his.

6. He needs to have a love for prayer. Prayer is huge in my life and I believe that when we pray that God does stuff. His prayer life needs to be strong and continuous and powerful. His faith will come out through his prayers. Prayer is high on the list of important things for him.

7. He needs to have goals and a well established career (although I dont know how the career part will play in if we are gonna be missionaries). But goals for his life are important! I dont want someone who just takes life day by day and doesnt even glance at the future. He needs to kow where he wants to go and be in the future and have mesurable goals. "Does he know where he wants to go and how he might get there? Is he a dreamer? My rule is: No goals=no wife! Ephesians 5 talks about wives respecting their husbands. It is a lot easier to respect a husband that is worthy of respect. Nothing makes it more difficult for a wife than a husband who is a deadbeat!"

8. He lays down his life for his wife. He does things that may be uncomfortable and he doesnt want to do but are good for him. Like my college pastor said, "Does he fast on a consistent basis? Does he participate in activities that push him? The answers to these questions are an indicator of whether or not he will lay his desires aside and put the best interest of his wife at the forefront."

9. There is consistancy and congruance in his words, thoughts and actions. He doesnt make promises he cant possibly keep. He doesnt make fun of marriage, sex or women and dosnt take his words lightly. He can have fun and joke, but when it comes to these things when were dating, thee is no excuse for that. These things are important. "Luke 6:43-44 tells us to judge people by their fruit, not their words or good intentions. Seeds of a good husband are found in a man who keeps his word, does what he says, and follows through on his promises. If a guy says he loves you, he should follow his declaration with laying down his life."

10. How he spends his money. He is generous and tithes on a regular basis. Doesnt trust in money to get him by but trusts in God. He doesnt spend all his money on himself, materialistic men are most often selfish and really probably dont make good husbands. He cant be stingy, but needs to be generous. Tithing is a must as well.

11. "How does he act when he loses? I don’t know any guy that likes to lose but how they lose is a huge indicator of humility. When he fails, does he take on the victim mentality, pout, or look for ways to improve? Anyone can be a husband and say “I’m the leader!” It takes humility to establish true leadership. Proverbs 18:12 says “First comes humility then comes honor.”" He cant be a sore loser, but he needs to lead no matter what.

12. He cant just care about the physical side of the relationship, even if that is important, emotional and spiritual sides are equally important. There needs to be a balance between the three. Communication is a must, he needs to be able to talk things through. Worship and prayer together is completely necessary and important. But the physical is also necessary for the whole aspect of being "one flesh"

13. He cares more about other people than of himself. He has a heart for people. He has a heart for the less fortunate. He has a heart for orphans like God has given me and we will live out James 1:27 in actions alongside each other. =) He cant be selfish but is selfless.


Monday through Sunday said...

wow ~ I cannot wait to meet this guy!!

Monday through Sunday said...


Check out the above link...good stuff!

Rebecca said...

Excellent standards. It's very refreshing to read this. Thanks for your Thursday Thirteen list. My oldest daughter is only 11, but I am going to encourage her to read this.

Nicholas said...

Well, even if I was single you wouldn't be remotely interested in marrying me!