Feed the Children

Dear Friends,

I write this with a broken heart. I talked to my friend, Nelson, who runs an organization called Save The AIDS Orphans in Uganda, Africa. He runs a orphan home called Agape Childrens Home. There are 67 precious children staying there. They have completely run out of food and funds for food. No firewood. They have nothing. These children have stolen my heart and I want to take care of them. But, with my unemployed status, I cannot send the money. I will send a very small amount which will get them food for 2 days, but it is not enough. James 1:27 commands us to take care of the widow and the orphan. WE here in america have the resources and its as simple as sending money. Could you find it in your heart to give, if only just a little bit? Anything can help. They need food for the precious children. If you can and are willing, I will give you the info on how you can help by sending money via Western Union. Please pray for my friend and the orphans. Please help. They need it...soon.

Love and Partering in Christ to fulfill James 1:27,