Amazing Story!

SO last week at _Tag (the high school group at New Life), at the very end when we were about to dismiss, one of our pastors came up and told us about a situation and we needed to pray. A family of a _Tag student, the father had backed into their 19 month old daughter with his truck, he didnt know she was there. Well we stretched our hands towards the city and prayed heaven down, not knowing much. Well they did all these tests, CAT scans, MRI's, and said that the girl was non-responsive and basically dead, she wasn't going to make it. Her body was crushed, destroyed. The doctor said that around 9:05 she woke up and started responding. That was the time we prayed at _tag. The next morning she woke up, and all she had was one cracked rib. She went from having a completely crushed and broken body to having one cracked rib. Isnt that amazing? The doctor told them, "I am a man of science, I go by the books...but this is nothing short of a miracle." Wow. Why doesnt this happen more? Where is the authority to lay hands on the sicj and see them healed, to see life come back into dead bodies? Jesus said all authority on heaven and earth was given to Him, then He gave it to us. Not everything is God's will, but everything can be turned around to give glory to His name. Have faith, believe, and miracles will happen.


Monday through Sunday said...

This story blessed me so much! Thanks for sharing!