Embracing Smallness

I'm reading this book called "i am not but i know I AM" by Louie Giglio. Its radically transformed the way I think, the way I see myself and God, and ultimately the way I live. Its about living with the heart knowledge the you are not, and God IS I AM. HE is everything! You are nothing, a little tiny microscopic human being! God doesnt need us, but He chooses to use us and dwell inside of us! Thats the amazing thing. He says, "Humility is the instant sightsizing of me that occusr with just one eyeful of His majesty. True humility (not the false kind that ends up being about us at the end of the day) is not a sign of weakness, failure, or inability, but rather a sign that we are getting to know God and have glimpsed His glory. And once we see how glorious His glory is, we realize that all other glory is futile and fading, and totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things." Then... "When you get right down to it, trading in the little story of me is not really all that big of a sacrifice at all. Who wouldn't want to abandon a script you could fit on the pointed end of a pin for a chance to get in on the glorious epic that is so enduring that its screening will require all of eternity. Glimpsing His glory makes me want to say, "YOur name and renown are the desire of my soul." Seeing His true fame makes me want to live for a bigger purpose, doing everything I do in such a way as to shine the spotlight on Him." In feeling small we get a glimpse of His glory. When you abandon the story of me and join in on HIS-story, its so much greater than anything you could ever imagine. When we are small, He can become BIG in our lives and His power big in our hearts. I challange you to seek Him out and look for how BIG HE is and how small you really are. Remember everythime pride tries to get in your heart that you are a miniscule little person, and GOD IS GOD, THE GREAT I AM! MASSIVE! HUGE! LIve small, embrace your smallness and shine the spotlight on the King.


Monday through Sunday said...

Well said little sister! "LIve small, embrace your smallness and shine the spotlight on the King." Amen!