Hey friends!

Hello friends! Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I have been uber busy with life! Heres the scoop: First of all, I got a job! I blame my sister, Mel, for getting me the job cause she made me apply and told me about her experience as a caddy. Yes, I am a caddy at Safeway, its lame and quite pathetic...but I love my job! It fun, most of the time. Lol. Next, I graduated high school! I was uncontrollably excited that night when I was at church, I was freaking out and screaming and dancing around the theatre. tee hee. it was fun. I feel so old at my high school group now, I'm a college student now. AH!!! Thats even scary to say. I was really freaking out about the future, but God has given me peace...even though I dont know what is coming, He does and I trust Him. My best friend Aly has been in Africa for the past two weeks and I have been trying not to go crazy not being able to talk to her. She comes home tonight and I am so incredibly excited! I need an Aly hug so much! Me, her, and Mariah are best friends...we even call ourselves sisters or "tripelets". MAriah and I werent getting along for the time she's been in africa, and she wouldnt talk to me...but I sent her a confrentational text and all is good now! =) I got a 8gb Zune mp3 player for my graduation present, its sweet! I have all my music on it and its pretty great! I'm listening to...you guessed it Mel...Josh Turner, Your Man! He's gorgeous, and He loves Jesus which makes him more hott! Well thats whats going on with me. Some mo all I got right now. Some more serious posts will follow soon, I will be posting on my days off...promise. Much love, God bless! =)