So...about a week ago, I was having my God Time before bed, and I asked God what He sees in me. He gave me a really long answer. I was stupid and I decided to argue with Him and tell Him what I see in myself. That was dumb, He yelled at me for like4 pages in my journal after that, (I write down everything that happens in my Got- time.) One of the things that He told me was that I was made to impact thousands of people in latinoamerica. So the other day I was talking to Jesus, and He told me something really crazy and huge! Up until now my life's calling has just been a very vague, "you belong in mexico", without saying any specifics. Well God was saying, "I want you to build a girls home in mexico for young girls who have been abused, violated and abandoned. You will be the person who gives them hope and shows them love when your world is void of these things." So I'm freaking out! I'm so excited! I argued it for awhile, asking why? and if there was someone better to do this? But now its so clear that this is what i was made for. My heart is really for teenage girls in mexico, I'm supposed to take care of them and show them Jesus. And I couldnt be more thrilled about it. Its scary because I don't know how it will happen...God does. No wonder I felt a special connection with the girls when we went to the orphanage on our trip. =) Anyway....God is amazing!


Monday through Sunday said...

God sure had awesome plans for us...we just have to obey and walk! God is awesome!