Six Quirky Things About Me =)

Melanie at Monday Through Sunday tagged me...what a turd! Here we go:

1) Link to the person who tagged me.
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3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
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1. I speak 2 languages. Spanish and English. Most of the time it turns into Spanglish because I randomly insert spanish words or phrases into daily conversation. It drives people crazy. A veces I forget what lengua I'm speaking y entonces it comes out como esto.

2. I'm a textaholic. A typical month contains about 8,000 text messages. Its my main form of conversation and communication.

3. I hate amusement parks! Everyone thinks places like 6 Flags/Elitches ar fun? Oh heck no! Not me! I am deathly scared of hights and things like roller coasters and really high water slides are torture for me~ My eyes are clamped shut the entire time and I do not enjoy it at all! The only amusement park I've ever been to and actually had fun on the rides was Disneyworld. Its sooooo fun!

4. I hate coffee! Its the most vile drink on the planet. Everyone loves it, but not me. Gross!

5. My best friend Mariah and I have a bunch of weird noises we make. Bird calls, random songs, and then theres the Run Jump Tackle! Teehee. We also enjoy watching P.S. I Love YOu (its our movie) and we can quote the entire movie. We like reinacting it too. The other night, we got in boxer shorts and were dramatically singing along with the movie, "The Man That Got Away." and videotaping it.

6. I write way too much, I write everything. Notes, prayers, text messages I want to keep, God Time, EVERYTHING! I can fill up a fairly large ournal in 4-5 months. It can be a good thing, but also bad because its my way of venting when I should probably talk to someone about it.

~Seeing as how I dont know anyone who blogs, if you read this then TAG! YOURE IT! Let me know if you participate so I can read it!~ Also comment on mine!


Monday through Sunday said...

Talking about weird..you little turd! Back at ya!

I love you too!

Kay Day said...

I don't like amusement parks, either!

Monday through Sunday said...


I don't like amusement parks either...you are in good company! :)