Lovesick. =)

Right now, I can tell you that I am completely and 100 percent lovesick. I have discovered a love beyond anything that tries to compare, no one is like it and nothing can match it. There is a Man that has won me over. He brings me flowers, He whispers sweet nothings into my ear, He tells me I'm beautiful, He gives me sunsets, He wraps His arma around me and lets me cry into His shoulder, He holds my hand when I am scared, He cries when I cry, He never leaves my side, His love is perfect. If you havent figure it out yet, this amazing Man is Christ Jesus. In His love I have found life and hope and joy. I feel His love stronger today that I ever have before in my life, and I love Him more than I ever have in my life. He romances my heart, and I long and reach out to touch His heart the only way I know how...with worship and showing Him love. It is in the secret place that He pours Himself out, and I can pour my heart out to Him. I love Him more than words could ever express. Love gives all. It is out of love that God gave His only Son, Jesus...all He had...so that Jesus could give all He had, His life up till the point of death on a cross. He gave all, and it is out of love for the King that we need to give all. When you love someone with true love, it is not hard to lay your life down for them because you arent thinking of yourself. Lay it down, surrender. Be weak, don't be afraid of weakness because let me tell you something; only weak people pray, only weak people fast, only weak people worship. They are those that admit their complete dependance on God and not out of their own strength. The door does not broaden to admit the weak and desperate as well, the door to God's presence narrows and only the weak may enter. I want to know Christ. I want to know Christ. I want to know Christ. That is my heart's desire, to know Him. When I lock eyes with the God-Man Jesus, I want there to be an existing relationship, I want there to be a history of intimacy, I want to know the one I will spend eternity with. He is my bridegroom, He is my lover. When I lock eyes with the King, I want to alerady know Him. I want to touch the superior pleasures that completely blow all earthly pleasures out of the water. I want to know His love and His heart, because His love is better than all else. I challenge you to fall in love the way I have. Love gives all.