A Very Hard Week...=( -part one-

I am so happy that this week is finally over! It was one of the hardests that I have had in a long time. It started to suck last sunday, 8.3.08, at 1:00 inthe morning when I got a text from one of my very close friends. They were needing my to get ahold of Aly cause they needed to talk. I asked why....they wouldnt tell me at first, but I pryed and they opened up. (for privacy issues I am not going to use gender or name.) Turns out this friend of mine tried to kill themself that night. They said, "If it werent for a text message from this girl, you would have never heard my voice again." They were going and started to hang themself. I broke down completely, sending text after text to Aly...even though I knew she probably had her phone off and was sleeping since they were driving home from Alabama. It shook me up to the core, I was rocked by this happening, I guess because our relationship has been rocky and now that things are normal again...I'm scared of losing them again. I couldnt sleep, and was up really late fighting on my knees for this person, until finally I was emotionally exhausted and zonked out. The next day at work, I get a txt from this persons dad, and he wanted to talk to me. He wanted me to tell him my story and everything that was said the night before, and if I knew why my friend would want to do this. The conversation went okay, except for the part where I completely lost it. Just the thought of what went on and what could have happened made me sick and totally break down emotionally. I was a wreck for like 2 days. I spent the tuesday night with my friend, and all day on wednesday. I got to their house and tackled them, I was soooo happy to see my little friend...alive and well. =) That was one of the scariest things Ive ever been through, it was the second time theyve attempted since Ive known them, and harder than the first. They had talked about it, but I would have never thought that they would try it again. =( well all is okay now, my friend is going to be getting counseling and help so this wont happen again. I love this person with all I am...and dont know what I would do if anything happened. Please pray for the healing and the process that is unfolding.


Monday through Sunday said...

I am sorry you had such a tough week! I did not take you of my favorites. What are you talking about!! Facebook?! You are totally a fav!

Kasey said...

YOu did too! Off of the favorites on ur blog! Im not on there! HA!

Monday through Sunday said...

You are there..I never took you off...The One Thing IS on the list! It is alphabetical..One..not The