Spanish Love! =)

Ya know, I never really appreciated school when I was forced to go for 13 years of my life. I thought it was lame, until my last few years of high school. My sophomore year I met the most incredible woman I know, which is Ivette, my spanish teacher/pastor/mentor person. Lol. She's incredible and I'm her favorite student. Teehee. =) I loved my classes with her and she has taught me so much! Classes were so much fun, and so useful to my language skills. I've been going to her church for almost 3 years and that has helped me grow immensly in my spanish! She has taught me about life and godliness and living passionately for Christ. Her heart is huge. SHe makes me laugh and smile and makes me really happy when she calls me "Mami, Mamita, or Mama." lol. I'm not used to that, but I am now after being in the hispanic church for so long. It rubbed off and I now call my sisters, nieces, and friends "Mami" or little boys "Papi"...it freaks them out cause its totally a Hispano thing, they dont get it. I laugh. LOL. Well she left the school at the end of my junior year and that was depressing. I went from seeing her everyday, to only once a week...it was a weird transition. sad actually. Even though she isnt technically my teacher anymore, she still calls me Her Student and whenever I read for the group at Bible study she feels teh need to brag the I'm Her Student. It makes me happy. She believes in me when I dont believe in myself. She knows this heart and this skill that is inside of me, and forces it out of me and presses me onto what God has for me through it. She pushes me to study and develop my knowledge and to speak more often...cause she knows I'm insecure about it. =) Well I graduated in may and I was thrilled. But then I got to this time of year where all my friends were returning to school and I wasnt, that was weird, and I decided at teh last minute that I actually liked school and wanted to go back. Weird, I know. So I enrolled at the local community college. I took a placement test for spanish...which by the way my Ivette said to take SPA 3, and said I had what it takes to succeed. I took the test and tested out of all of the classes...even 4! Crazy! Coming from a girl that got a 2 on the AP exam! I was too smart for them and they werent gonna let me in a class!!! WOW! I was amazed! I finally convinced them to let me in, and I couldnt be more excited to start...I havent been in a real spanish class for 2 years. YAY! I'm so excited to start school! (except for the fact that my book costs 200 dollars!) AH! Its all thanks to Ivette (and my freshman teacher) that I am here today and discovered the gift God gave me in Spanish.