Thursday Thirteen~ 2nd Edition

My 13 Favorite Pastimes

1. God Time: I treasure my God time. Its my favorite part of the day! I get to be alone with Jesus my lover. Worship. Prayer. Journaling. Reading. And just sitting in the silence waiting for Him to speak and being alone, just me and Him.

2. Church: Outside of God Time, I love the community aspect of being a Christian. I go to an amzing church called New Life! Its my second home and family. _tag, theMill, Spanish Church, and sunday services keep me connected and filled up. I also lead a group for high school group which starts in 2 weeks!!!! I love worship and listening to messages there!

3. Talking To My Friends: I love my friends. Apart from God and my family, they are the most important people in my life! My best friend, Aly, is someone I talk to daily and I love our conversations! I learn so much from her and we keep each other in line. My main form of communication is text messaging, a typical month is about 8000-9000 texts. I love my one on one time with Aly too, coffee with her! We can sit and talk for hours!

4. Reading: Call me a nerd, but I love reading! It is one of my goals to always be reading a book, and I have definitely not had trouble with that one. I love learning! I love the excitement of reading and engaging in study. I write in all my books so I can get the main points and ideas that stick out. Right now I'm reding "Run Baby Run" by Nicky Cruz. Its incredible and a captivating story that everyone should read! Theyre making a major motion picture of it and I cant wait! I love reading!

5. Studying Spanish: I love the spanish language more than anything! Its my heart and a huge part of who I am. I learned it in high school and am continuing to study it to increase in fluency and knowledge. Its the most beautiful language there is! I go to a spanish church and the people there are my hispana family! I love them so much! They are a group of really incredible people who love me a lot and I love them a lot!

6. Facebook: its an addiction for me. I could spend hours on facebook. Talking to people, using bumper sticker and my new favorite...pieces of flair! Its a time sucker, but I love it!

7. Eating: This is a bit of an odd one. But...I love food! (and not afraid to admit it!) Its amazing! I'm not fat, and I eat a lot! I enjoy lots of types of food and am constantly grazing and putting things in my mouth. Bad habit! BUt I cant help it...it calls my name.

8. Watching Movies: I'm a sucker for a good movie. I love chick flicks! I am highly entertained by watching them, but have to be careful to guard my heart from evil. But I do love movies. Accompanied by a pint of Ben and Jerry's- Cake Batter ice cream...its the perfect combo.

9. Listening to Music: I love listening to music. I love all kinds of music except rap and heavy metal. I especially like worship, country, and latin music. I have Sid, my Zune, in my ears basically whenever I can! aka...not at work or school or church service. I play the guitar and love sitting there with him, just worshipping, me the guitar and God.

10. Outdoor Activities: I'm a Colorado girl all the way! I love hiking!!! (especially the incline!) I love swimming! I love going on runs with my doggie! And I'm pretty excited to start camping again! I'm going on a personal camping trip with just me, Aly, hand er brother and guy friend to protect us! In 2 weeks! I'm stoked!!!!

11. Sleeping: I love sleep, we have a very close relationship! I can sleep until noon with no disturbance, and enjoy every minute of it. Its very relaxing. Sleep is beautiful, God gives rest to those He loves...He must love me a lot!

12. Shopping: I used to like this activity a lot more, but I still enjoy it every once in a while. I avoid the grocery stores like the plague now that I work at one. UGH. HATE THEM. I like clothes shopping though! Thats good times!

13. Watching Kids: okay. Now I know some of you are saying, what the heck is wrong with you?! I know its weird, a teenager that loves kids and working with them...but I do! All the kids at spanish church LOVE me and I have a special touch with them! I love them soooo much! Especially my girls! The worship leader's girls, the pastor's girls, and then these two 10 year olds Alice and Nebai...I love them so much! I watch the kids a lot at church and outside of church. I love it so much I would do it for free! =) one of my girls, Leah, asked me "Kasey are you leaving this church?" I said, "No Love, not anytime soon." And she was like, "Good, cause if you ever left that would definitely be the saddest day of my life!" =') I love them!!!!


Hootin' Anni said...

I lived in Colorado for over 40 years!!!!! And I too love music and movies.

My 13 are listed, I do hope you can find time to stop over! happy thursday

Monday through Sunday said...

Reading and eating...good stuff! :)

Debbie said...

Nice list. I love food too. Cooking it, eating it, trying new things. You sound like a great young lady and it sounds like you might have a future working with kids.