Thursday Thirteen ~ 1st Edition!

I'm new to the T13 community, so here goes the first one!!!

I have had a rough past couple weeks and this Lifehouse cd had totally put my life and feelings to music...exactly how I feel. They have always been one of my favorites, but right now they are my favorite band and I cant stop listening to it.

My 13 All-Time Favorite Lifehouse Songs:

1. You Say (this song isnt officially on an album, its on their demo. Its a song about having faith and trusting God even when you cant see where He is taking you.)

2. Revolution Cry (again only on the demo. Its about God's people rising up and there being a revolution on the earth that shakes the darkness and brings hope to all.)

3. Everything (this song is my heart's cry. God is All I want, All I need, and Everything!)

4. Breathing (this song brought me through a couple weeks where God felt so distant and no matter how hard I looked and fought, I couldnt see Him. It says, "Cause I am hanging on every word You say, even if You dont wanna speak to night, thats alright with me. Cause I want nothing more than to sit outside Heaven's door and listen to You breathing, its where I want to be." I just wanted to hear Him again.)

5. Somewhere In Between (My line: "Would you catch me if I fall out of what I fell in. Dont be surprised if I collapse down at Your feet again. I dont want to run away from this, I know that I just dont need this....Im somewhere in between what is real and just a dream." I was continuously falling down at His feet and just waiting.)

6. Quasimodo (My line: "There goes my pain, there goes my shame...did you see them falling because this feeling that has no meaning. There goes the world off of my back." I have always felt immense shame and guilt for the past, but God told me that I need to overcome by the word of my testimony...like in Revelation 12:11, and be free because of what He has done that erases my sin.)

7. Take Me Away (It says, "This time, All I want is You, there is no one else, that could take Your place. YOu see past all the rags, youve taken them away....Take me away! Take me away! Ive got nothing left to say, just take me away!" I want to be with God in the midst of everything and my heart is for HIm to Take me away! Take me away to be with Him!)

8. Broken (This song talks about the strength there is in being weak and broken before God. "Im falling apart, Im barely breathing. With a broken heart thats still beating, In the pain there is healing, In Your name I find meaning. So I'm holding on, barely holding onto You." I had a very weak moment about a week ago and I did something I regret. I was broken and I ran away instead of running to God. I long for brokenness and for Him to break me, to be weak so He can be strong. I'm holding onto Him.)

9. Storm (My life has been one big sorm. There is the calm moments, but there are other times where the rain and lightening is all I can see. IN this song it talks about God delivering you from the storm and bringing peace and calm to your heart. "If I could just see You, everything would be alright...And I will walk on water, and You will catch me if I fall. And I will get lost into Your eyes, I know eyerything will be alright.)

10. You And Me (This is typically used as a love song...but its my love song with my Jesus. "Cause its You and me, and all other people and I dont know why, but I cant keep my eyes off of You." I am locking eyes with God and I know that He never takes His eyes off of me, I cant look away, He's to beautiful, He has captivated me.)

11. Hanging By A Moment ("I'm falling even more in lov ewith You, letting go of all Ive held onto. I'm standing here until You make me move, I'm hanging by a moment here with You. I'm living for the only thing I know, I'm running and not quite sure where to go...there's noting else to lose, nothing else to find, nothing in the world that could change my mind, there is nothing else." There is nothing else but Him that matters. I'm chasing after Him, and falling deeper in love every second of it!)

12. Unknown ("I am falling into grace, to the unknown to where You are. And faith makes everybody scared, its the unknown, I dont know, that keeps me hanging on and onto You." I dont know where God is taking me, but I'm trusting Him and putting my life in His hands. The unknown scares me, but also makes me so excited!)

13. Simon (The whole song. I cant even say. "Refuse to feel anything at all, Refuse to slip, Refuse to fall. Can't be weak, Can't stand still, You watch your back 'cause no one will. You don't know why they had to go this far, Traded your worth for these scars, For your only company. And don't believe the lies That they have told to you. Not one word was true you're alright, you're alright, you're alright." The enemy was yelling his lies in my ears constantly, and I had my thoughts, and I had what my sisters were telling me, and what GOD was trying to say above all the voices. In the song Breathing it says, "Im trying to identify the voices inside my head, God which one is You?" God is defining my worth, He is telling me who I am. No one else can do that for me, not even myself...only the creator.)

Sorry it was so long, I'm a writer and you will learn that I write A LOT! It was pretty deep for my first one. Feel free to leave comments! =)



Monday through Sunday said...

I LOVE Lifehouse as well! Great 1st TT! I love you!!

NurseExec said...

Great first TT--welcome to the TT community!